24 Hours

of pure hacking, focused on innovation and technology in the television industry in order to create something that has never existed before. For tinkerers, inventors, tech geeks, storytellers, design junkies and strategists alike!

20. & 21. September '14, Berlin



At TV Hackday, we’ll hack the future of TV. Developers, designers, concepters and TV Stations alike will work together to do remixes, apps, hacks or the next TV Set. Anything goes as long as it is a TV related project that can be done in 24 hours.

TV Hackday is an event by Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg.


TV offers a lot of possibilities to hack and with some brand new APIs that will be made public for the first time we'll have the opportunity to create something new & exciting.

Besides having a fun two days, we will demo the resulting hacks on Sunday afternoon to participants, a jury and anyone else interested. The demos will be live steamed. Also there will be prizes!1!


Developers, storytellers, designers, techies, strategists, producers, concepters and TV Fanatics! In short, everyone who loves TV and wants to make it even better.

We’ll have API’s and Devices from: ARTE, FIcontent, IRT, Tweek, Watchmi & Microsoft to work with during the event.


Microsoft will provide participants with access and support for Microsoft devices, Azure Passes & Kinect V2 SDK.

Tweek API

Tweek’s Taste Profiler™ API provides access to users’ Facebook interactions related to movies and TV. By connecting Open Graph actions (Like, Watch, Rate, Wants To Watch) with content-related information from various databases, Tweek enables the relevant enhancement of entertainment ecosystems.

Watchmi API

The new Content Discovery API of FUNKE Digital TV Guide enables the creation of a wide range of solutions for navigating linear and non-linear video content on connected devices.


The Open API is ARTE's unique access point, enabling you to access all the publicly available information about ARTE programs and videos in a unified way. ARTE is developping such an API, to encourage partners and developers, to create great Apps and Services featuring our content.

What can I do with this API?
• Access ARTE's video catalog, and embed one or more videos on your webpage or APP.
• Search and retrieve detailed editorial information about ARTE programs (title, description, picture, genre, cast and crew...).

This RESTfull API was build using the JSON API standards described @jsonapi.org.


For the TV Hackday, IRT provides its broadcast and HbbTV media server called BRAHMS. With the software you can easily modify DVB transport streams to enable the signalling and delivery of HbbTV services.

Additionally, BRAHMS allows you to edit and schedule DSMCC stream events for creating TV applications that are synchronised with the broadcast programme. Moreover IRT will provide a ready-to-use hardware setup which eases getting started with the system and allows you to focus on your hacking.

FIcontent API

FIcontent will be providing us with their Social Connected TV Platform - a toolbox which is based on connected TV services with a focus on multi-screen interaction, personalisation and user tracking and privacy. This toolbox will be provided and includes:

• Second-Screen Framework
• Content Enrichment
• Audio Fingerprinting
• Audio Mining & Content Optimisation
• TAL (TV Application Layer)

In September 2013, the FIcontent partners deployed the first version of their Social Connected TV Platform, a toolbox that offers the technological outcomes of their work to third parties.


Day 01

19.09 @ TBA, Berlin

  • 19:30 -

    Informal Get-Together, share ideas and connect / brainstorm with other participants

Day 02

20.09 @ TV United Studio, Berlin

  • 10:00 -

    Hello & Welcome

  • 10:15 -

    API Presentations & project pitches

  • 11:00 -


  • 11:30 -

    Hacking begins

  • 13:00 -


  • 14:00 -

    Hacking continues

  • 19:00 -


  • 22:00 -

    Open end

Day 03

21.09 @ TV United Studio, Berlin

  • 10:00 -

    Hacking continues

  • 13:00 -


  • 15:30 -

    Deadline for all demos

  • 16:00 -

    Hack demos

  • 17:00 -



Here's a short teaser from last year's hackday. We'll also be adding footage of the live event here as the hackday is underway.


Location Pin

TV Hackday Berlin is organized and hosted by the wonderful folks at mabb (Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg) at the TV United Studio. Drinks & food will be provided during the event.

TV United
Wikingerufer 7
10555 Berlin, Germany


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TV Hackday is organized by Sebastian Flock from Saint Elmo's, Precious Design Studio & Bertram Gugel.