APIs & Contents ’15

We’ll have Contents, API’s and Devices from: Tagesschau, Mozilla, IRT, Metrological, RBB and various other partners at the event. 


Tagesschau will provide us with the opportunity to use the data feeds powering their apps on mobile and connected devices. Participants get access to all the contents available on the various Tagesschau offerings in a structured way and can build new things on top of that.

Firefox OS on TV

Firefox OS is an independent alternative ecosystem free from the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms. Developed by Mozilla and its global community, Firefox OS first launched on Smartphone and is now also available for TVs.


With its Horizon TV and media platform Unitymedia provides a multimedia set-top box offering high-speed Internet enhanced with digital TV and second screen apps. Unitymedia is delighted to support TV Hackday 2015 as a technology partner together with Metrological to enable everyone to develop the next big thing on the main screen.


Metrological enables a personalized TV experience, delivering a complete product suite to launch, manage and monetize branded TV app stores and user experiences. Leveraging its cloud-based Application Platform, Metrological delivers lifecycle app support to bring together all content sources into a single viewer experience across any device. 


MIZ supports innovative projects and will offer consulting on funding and other forms of support during their TV Hackday office hours. If you consider next steps give it a try and talk to them about your project.

HbbTV 2.0 DIAL-Tools

HbbTV 2.0 DIAL allows second screens the automatic discovery of compliant TV devices on the home network. The apps can then launch arbitrary applications on the discovered devices. Moreover devices can use a WebSockets-based communication channel to exchange information between applications running on connected devices.

At TV Hackday, IRT provides you with an Android library and a Cordova Plug-in for Android that abstracts technical details of the DIAL specification. Moreover we supply an HbbTV-compliant video player that can be remotely controlled from a connected second-screen application via a Java or a JavaScript API respectively.


For the TV Hackday, IRT provides its broadcast and HbbTV media server called BRAHMS. With the software you can easily modify DVB transport streams to enable the signalling and delivery of HbbTV services. 

Additionally, BRAHMS allows you to edit and schedule DSMCC stream events for creating TV applications that are synchronised with the broadcast programme. Moreover IRT will provide a ready-to-use hardware setup which eases getting started with the system and allows you to focus on your hacking.


Zeiss supports TV Hackday with two ZEISS VR ONE headsets for creative experimentation. The ZEISS VR ONE is a lightweight and open platform virtual reality headset with focus on best optics and ergonomics, allowing first steps in the world of virtual or augmented reality. The device works directly with smartphones, VR apps can be developed from the Google Play or the Apple App store with the help of either the original Google Cardboard SDK or the Zeiss VR One SDK for Unity 3D. 

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

RBB will provide us with three technologies/contents: ARD-Text, ARD Play-Out-Center (POC), rbb and Fraunhofer FOKUS – HbbTV Application Toolkit. 

ARD Text will provide participants with content for the development of applications. The data sources for information exchange are available online and include text-based subtitle data as well as compressed video data from the ARD media library.

The POC provides this data to Hackathon participants in order to support the development of applications. The data is provided online via an RSS-feed and can, on request and by prior arrangement, be specifically configured.

The Fraunhofer FOKUS-developed HbbTV Application Toolkit (HAT) provides an efficient, easy-to-use and fast way of creating and maintaining applications for HbbTV. HAT is open-source and available on GitHub. At the Hackday, use the (WordPress-based) Toolkit as the basis for creating interesting, new and innovative applications, or extend the toolkit by creating new modules offering interaction on TV.


Here’s our wonderful Jury that’s gonna have a look at your projects. They cover a wide variety of different disciplines and backgrounds and will help us see the bigger picture in your work. 

 Marcus Bösch,  the Good Evil
Marcus Bösch, the Good Evil
 Maya Puig Eriksson,  Interactive Media Foundation
Maya Puig Eriksson, Interactive Media Foundation
 Thomas Kollbach,  evenly GmbH
Thomas Kollbach, evenly GmbH
 Alireza Mojtahedi,  Unitymedia
Alireza Mojtahedi, Unitymedia