Welcome to the Building Futures Edition: Beyond Platforms! At the event all participants will work towards a common goal that is then showcased in one big and consistent presentation at the end. We’ll work on a decentralised alternative to the existing platforms based on common standards and interests. With this we aim to establish Public Media Services that enable TV contents to be consumed and distributed in digital world that work Beyond Platforms (more on the Event Blog). The event will be a first step and give us all a setting to explore this future.

The event will take place on August 1st and 2nd in Berlin. All the information on the topic, the schedule and so on is on the event site. (Unfortunately we’ve not yet managed to translate it to English – Google Translate is quite OK though 🙃.)

Registration is now open for the Beyond Platforms Event! 24h of creative coding, producing, thinking, ideating, working on a joint mission to create decentralised Public Media Services. So please do join us on this journey.👇👇

Some Background on the changes

Dear TV-Hackday enthusiasts,
it’s been quite a while since the last event. Let us explain. 

Over the last years Hackdays or Hackathons became a thing: more and more of them have sprung up. Now there are multiple events each week(-end) in Germany. Don’t get us wrong, that’s amazing and more than we could have ever dreamed of. BUT 😉, we want TV Hackday to be special and didn’t want it to become JAH (just another Hackday). So we decided to explore how we can take the format and the energy you all put into the event to the next level. This means that we’ve been rethinking venues, schedule, challenges, etc. – pretty much everything. That’s what kept us from doing an Event in the last two years but now we’re ready with the Beyond Platforms Topic and a new format.

👉 As always we love your input. So if you have any suggestions, questions or ideas please get in touch. Also if you want to get involved or have an idea on how to improve the experience. We’d love to hear from you!

– Bertram

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